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Vegetable Pizza with Eumundi Farm Fresh Produce

Vegetable Pizza with Eumundi Farm Fresh Produce

Vegetable Pizza made with Eumundi Farm Fresh Produce ~ it tastes amazing and best of all it was a hit with the kids. 
Made with Eumundi Farm Fresh Produce it’s versatile and you can include your favourite vegetables from your Eumundi Farm Fresh Box.

I purchased a ready made base because I find it easy as the bases freeze well and can be defrosted easily. 

On our pizza I used bbq sauce for the base and popped it into the oven at 180 degrees while I prepared the toppings.

For the toppings I put the frying pan on medium heat and added some olive oil. Then I added diced onions, sliced zucchini and capsicum I like it to look colourful so I used red as well as yellow capsicum I find when it’s colourful the kids are more likely to want to eat it. Using a wooden spoon I gently stir vegetables and then add the mushrooms and stir for around 10 mins until the vegetables begin to soften. 

Once the vegetables begin to soften I removed the pizza base from the oven and covered the base with our vegetables and adding a good cup full  of cheese. Pop the pizza in the oven until the cheese is melted and golden. 

Enjoy it’s quick and easy and so so tasty 😋.