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Homemade Lemon Cleaner ~ Natural Environmentally Friendly

Homemade Lemon Cleaner ~ Natural Environmentally Friendly

First day of Spring 😃 why not make some Lemon Cleaner.

Got lemons? Hate chemicals and artificial fragrances? Try making your own non toxic household cleaning spray solution. Best of all it only has two ingredients: lemon and vinegar.

Homemade Citrus All Purpose Cleaner is a cleaning powerhouse that you can make at home in minutes.

By infusing white vinegar with lemon peel, this cleaning spray takes on a fresh, citrusy, wonderful scent.

Lemon is known to have natural anti-fungal, antibacterial, insecticidal and deodorizing properties. 

It can clean your house from top to bottom...

You just need the following ingredients to make your all purpose cleaner. 

  • Lemon rinds
  • White Vinegar 
  • A large glass jar
  • Fine strainer  
  • Spray Bottle


Step 1 Gather Lemon Peels 

Collect all your lemon peel and place in a large glass jar. Our favourite time to create this cleaning spray is right after we make our family favourite Lemon Meringue Pie - because we use a lot of lemons in the process.

Step 2 Soak and Wait 

Once you have a good amount of lemon or citrus peel collected, pour plain white vinegar into the container over them. Fill it up until all the peels are submerged. 

Soak the citrus in vinegar for at least a week, and up to three weeks. The container of steeped rinds can sit out on the counter at room temperature. To help encourage infusion, you could give the container a shake every couple of days to help mix things up.

Step 3 Strain and Bottle

After it has finished steeping, it is time to separate the lemon peel from the vinegar. The liquid could be a bit cloudy, especially if you have been shaking the solution. We want to remove as much of the particles and chunks to avoid clogging the spray bottle. Next we have to pour the solution through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl. Once all the solution has been strained pour into your spray bottle. 

Step 4 Get Cleaning

You have just created your own homemade lemon cleaning spray. Not only have you used the lemon peel that would have otherwise been thrown away but created a citrus cleaner that can be used throughout the house. 

I use our spray on the kitchen counters, sinks, shower, toilet, bathtub and inside the fridge just to name a few. It’s homemade and best of all it smells great.

With Spring finally here why not make your Citrus Spray today. 

Enjoy 😃