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Fermenting Food equals Zero Waste something that we’re passionate about at Eumundi Farm Fresh

Fermenting Food equals Zero Waste something that we’re passionate about at Eumundi Farm Fresh

A few weeks ago we were gifted some delicious pickled vegetables from a family friend and they were delicious and had me wanting to experiment with the process of pickling vegetables.

As I found out it’s really quite easy and the taste is amazing. After some research I found that fermenting vegetables had a range of health benefits. As it turned out Fermented Vegetables add so much flavor and tang to your meals and are an excellent addition to a healthy diet.

At Eumundi Farm Fresh we are passionate about Zero Waste and Fermenting Foods is an excellent way to make food easier to digest, also decreases cooking times and also introduces good bacteria into your body. 

Fermentatiom has been largely used in the past to preserve food to keep food edible without the need for refrigeration.We all use fermented products probably without even realizing things like cheese, vinegar and yoghurt are all fermented foods.

I’m going to be sharing more fermented vegetable recipes with you in the future, but I wanted to start with the easiest and fastest so you can taste for yourself how wonderful and fresh fermented pickled vegetables are.

Fermented Vegetables ~ so bright and vibrant.

To get started grab a mason jar and choose a variety of colored vegetables. Some vegetables I find ideal for fermenting are cauliflower, capsicum, carrots, garlic, cucumber, chili’s and jalapeños. Gather your vegetables and chop and make layers in the jar.

Press down vegetables as much as possible to fit as many as you can into the jar. Dissolve a good quantity of sea salt into water and pour over vegetables filling to just above the vegetables, leaving about 1-2 inches of headspace. This space is important for the fermenting process that will occur - if you don’t leave enough of a space you will have liquid overflow. 

I find that 5 days is a perfect time to leave the vegetables to ferment. As far as how to fit fermented foods into a healthy diet, it helps to know that you don’t need a lot, just a spoonful or a couple of pieces of vegetables once or twice a day I’d enough to get the digestive balance. 

We find them excellent added to salads or even adding them served alongside your family favourite dishes. 

It’s quick, easy and delicious and all vegetables I used for our Fermented Vegetables can be found in your Eumundi Farm Fresh Box that jam packed full of Fresh and Delicious Produce.

Have a great day 🧑🏻‍🌾🌱